Monday, March 12, 2012

Scrappy Nickel Dutch Rose quilt block tutorial

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After making this mini quilt, I realized I could make the area I have circled below better.  I'm not crazy about all those seams in that area so I eliminated them and wrote a tutorial which is posted below the photo.

How to make a scrappy Dutch Rose quilt block from 5" squares of fabric (known as nickel or charm squares) tutorial

Scrappy Nickel Dutch Rose quilt block

1.  You will need the following fabrics for 1 quilt block:

1 3/4" "bonus" blocks
2. I used the method shown below for all half square triangle blocks and corners.  Draw a line diagonally from corner to corner on the wrong side of one of the squares and draw a second line 1/2" away. Place 2 squares right sides together and sew on both lines.  Cut between the sewn lines and you end up with a 1 3/4" half square triangle block from each corner as a bonus block that can be used for another project.
 If you don't want the extra block, don't draw or sew on the second line.  Just trim 1/4" from the corner to corner diagonal line after sewing on it to complete your block. Make 8 blocks like this.

3.  To make the block in the center of each side, follow the steps shown below to make 4 units.

4.  To make the points of the center star block, follow these steps and make 4:

5.  Sew the 2 units together as shown using a 1/4" seam allowance.

6. To make the corner block, follow the same basic steps as before as shown below.  The four intersecting seams circled above have been eliminated!

7.  To finish the corner blocks, add your corners, 2 background blocks and 2 half square triangle blocks as  shown.  All four corners are made the same.

8.  Arrange the blocks as shown below and sew together in rows.

9. Sew the rows together and the block is complete!


  1. That's awesome! Great directions, love the end result and the colors!

  2. Great tutorial! Connector blocks are always so much fun to use!
    Quilting by the River

  3. Thanks for sharing. I had eliminated some of the seams but this will eliminate more and that is a good idea!

  4. Love the fabric choices.

    What is the size of the finished block?

  5. Also love the fabric colors. Very pretty!

  6. Those big Swoon blocks sure must make a quick quilt, despite all the small pieces. Great math work on your tutorial to eliminate extra seams!

  7. I love your fabric choices! I've been seeing a ton of swoon blocks but I love how you changed the corners!

    Vicki @ Quilting Lodge

  8. A great tutorial...thanks, I am going to try this!

  9. I have been looking for an easy tutorial since I saw these mentioned on And YOU DID IT. Thanks so much!!

  10. Great tutorial. I love charm packs and this is just the thing for me :)

  11. I didn't want to make this block because of all the pieces but now I might! Thanks for being so creative!

  12. I did not like all those seams either - I saw so many wonky polka dots or mis-matched direction in prints. I was discouraged from trying this block because of that, but this makes a huge difference! Thanks!

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  14. Yea for U!! After diligently searching the internet some how I found your blog. Thanks!! I am so ready to follow your instructions.

    Ruby in MS

  15. Thanks for your great instructions! I used a layer cake, and just cut my 10" x 10" into quarters. I would post a picture if I knew how.

    This is my double nickle year as well. Love your blog. God bless <3


  16. Thanks for making the swoon a little easier. I just bougth the pattern a few
    weeks ago and have had it on my sew table trying to figure out how I want to do this,
    found lots of inspiration on Pinterest and that is how I found you!!
    and I just moved on from my double nickle year...

  17. This is so smart ... thank you for sharing your talent!

  18. Brilliant! Thank you for this great tut and I am a bonus HST fan, also!

  19. Recently found your directions for this block Dutch Rose, after also recently noticing many Swoon blocks online-Pinterest, blogs, etc. and I have made 2 blocks with your directions, replacing only the corners with the solid background fabric. It has been fun and they are pretty, made with fabric fat quarters I won on, fabric is Grace collection by Anna Griffin. thanks for your great directions. cjsilling in NM

  20. Thank you so much for a very clear tutorial on a beautiful block. I am in a block swap and this is going to be my next one for sure.